Popping Ace of Spades ~
She’s the jelly to my peanutbutter and jelly! The sidekick to my Batman and Robin! I live her with all my heart. She’s my everything! @melissalindalua
You can call us lame but we don’t care. On out six month anniversary me and the girl that I love played super smash brothers brawl for a couple hours, ate dinner, and played some more. It was the most fun I’ve ever had with someone on an anniversary. I love you @melissalindalua and yesterday was the best sic months ever with many more months to come =) <3 12.12.12
Jail house dinner @cityboygonecrazy and cracka jack
Jail house desserts with @cityboygonecrazy and cracka jack
High life
Inhale good shit, Exhale bullshit ~
Hi everybody meet my Lil man of a nephew Skyler! He may be running a very high fever but he is still the happiness, cutest, and most adorable nephew I could pray for!!! 09.13.12 @0913snd0708 @cityboygonecrazy @melissalindalua @dairyqueen_
Everybody meet my Lil man of a nephew Skylar!! <3 He may be running a fever but he’s still one of the happiest babies I know :) 09.13.12 @0913snd0708 @cityboygonecrazy @melissalindalua
#beerpong #24pack #homies #goodassnight @cityboygonecrazy
Good ads night @cityboygonecrazy
Whoop whoop! @cityboygonecrazy
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